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GOT Wipes £4.99

GOT Wipes. The wipes are impregnated with secret cleaning agents which are both environmentally and aquatically safe for use on all kinds of tackle. Developed by anglers for anglers. Supplied in a handy pack with a resealable opening.

SZ-1 Jubleez £1.60

Designed primarily for margin fishing with a “stem-through” and strong spring eye. The Scone Zone SZ-1 Jubleez has taken over 600 pounds of double figure carp down the edge during testing.

SZ- The 'V6' £1.85

New design hard-foam margin/shallow float with line-through plus double-wound spring-eye making a float which is virtually indestructible in normal use. Super-Hard Spider Bite diamond finish.

SZ- The 'V8' £1.85

Very slim hard foam float based on the popular Piranhaz. Double wound spring-eye and slim, high-glow 1.2mm bristle completes this very sensitive but very strong float. Ideal for shy biting big carp.

SZ21-Black Mambaz £1.85

"The SZ21 Black Mambaz" A new, super strong, mega stable pattern designed for skimmer and F1 fishing. Superb with pellet, corn or worm. Finnesse-type spring-eye and gorgeous black metallic finish.

SZ-6 Wellhardz £1.60

Now available to all. Probably recognised as the best shallow commercial carp-float on the market. Smaller size by popular demand for using caster/maggot and worm hookbaits.

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