GOT Baits Atomic Cloud

A modern bait additive which has many uses, some being the following:
  • Can be mixed in to any paste to change not only the flavour but the colour and texture
  • Added to Groundbaits to change flavour colour and consistency
  • Added to dry pellet, damp pellet and Meat or Corn to change both the flavour or Colour
  • Highly visible and highly effective

The uses for Atomic cloud are endless and the reason why many top match anglers wont go fishing without a bag or two in the bait bag or holdall.

  • Strawberry (Red)
  • Pineapple (Yellow)
  • Sweet Corn (Yellow)
  • Halibut (Green)
  • Cat meat (Brown)
  • Punch (White)
  • Worm (Purple)
  • Aniseed (Black)
  • 250g Bag
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