GOT Baits Groundbait

GOT Baits 3G (GOT Green Grub) is a unique groundbait, in as much it will be as effective being used for catching Carp on a commercial fishery or Bream and Chub on a River. The uses for 3G are endless it can be used as a method mix, balling in to hold a shoal of fish or cupping in via a pole cup and best of all it also makes a perfect paste.

GOT Baits 3G groundbait was tested for over a year by different anglers both Match and Specimen and the results indicated we had GOT a winner.

GOT Baits Yellow Peril, like the flagship 3G the Yellow Peril is a versatile groundbait that will double up as a paste along with forming a good slop or dry mix as required.

The very best ingredients and multiple milling processes combine to produce what we believe to be the best sweetcorn based groundbait available today.

  • GOT Green Grub (3G)
  • Yellow Peril (Sweetcorn)
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