GOT Baits 'Rippers'

GOT Baits Rippers™, as a GOT Baits angler, Lee has given GOT Baits the recipe that turned a GOT expander in to an extra special pellet. Simply named Rippers (Oily) as it’s his hard work that has helped us bring them to you our customers.

They only come in the one size and flavour (Original / 6mm) These pellets are ideal when you are fishing long and nuisance fish attack the bait, the Rippers just stay on the hook giving off a nice trail of attractants. Yet another winner from GOT Baits and its Anglers.

  • Uniform Shape
  • Soft Hook Pellet with staying power
  • Oily attractants
  • Withstands unwanted interest from nuisance fish
  • 6mm Soft Pellet
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